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According to Plan -- Sue Barr

Catherine -- Sue Barr

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Man of Her Dreams --- Sue Barr

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Man of Her Dreams

Making it in a man’s world as a home renovation expert is tough, but Lindsay Swanson’s up for the job, leaving no time for family and friends, let alone any kind of social life.

Jared Kane moved to Ravenwood for some much needed peace and quiet to finish his next book, which is hard to do when he’s hired his sexy neighbor to renovate his kitchen.

Then Lindsay overhears Jared talking about her notebook. A notebook wherein she and her BFF – after one too many bad dates and one too many glasses wine – concocted a checklist of the perfect guy. Is Jared the real deal, or has he been molding himself into the man of her dreams to get past her defenses?

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“I shouldn’t have told you what he was doing.”

“Well, you did and now I want to know more.”

“You’re a married woman. You shouldn’t think this way.”

Tina laughed out loud. “I may be married, but I’m not dead. Besides, I can look at the dessert tray as long as I don’t place an order.” Lindsay imagined Tina’s eyebrows waggling while she spoke. “Come on, woman. Feed my avarice.”


“I’m doing crosswords at the doctor’s office while I wait for my appointment. Stop stalling. Give me details. Have you figured out what he’s up to?”

Lindsay stood, and partially concealed by her curtains she watched, as she had for most of the morning. What she saw pushed her pulse into overdrive.

All sweaty in a pair of low-rise Levi’s and scruffy work boots, Hot Stuff grabbed a water bottle and sucked back huge gulps. As his thirst was quenched, her mouth became paradoxically drier. His wide shoulders and hard chest looked as though they’d been sculpted by Michelangelo himself. Twin ropes of muscles carved around six pack abs, causing her heart to trip along a little faster.

“Well?” Tina whispered into the phone.

“He’s finished clearing the backyard.” Lindsay whispered back. “Now he’s cutting lumber, but they’re too short for even a deck.”

“More. Give me more.”

“I don’t know if you’re ready for this. He’s shirtless.”

“You’re killing me,” Tina groaned. “Is he built?”

“Like a Greek god.”

“Noooo…. So unfair. I don’t have any hot neighbors, just acres and acres of corn fields.”

“You realize this is inappropriate, seeing as you’re married to my brother.”

“Yes, and I love your brother to the moon and back, but sometimes I like browsing the candy aisle.”

Hot Stuff paused and grabbed the water bottle again. This time he removed the baseball hat and poured the clear liquid over his head. Recognition hit and she stifled a gasp. The dreamy guy from the Food Mart was Hot Stuff?

Water splashed over his shoulders and sluiced between his perfectly chiselled pecs. She bit back a tiny sigh. He did have perfect ridges.

“Did you just groan?”


“It sure sounded like you groaned, and it was a good groan. He’s doing something über sexy, isn’t he?”

“Uh huh.” Lindsay didn’t trust herself to say more than that.

“You realize my ovaries are jumping out of my body, begging him to father my children.”

“Ewwww. I’m hanging up now.”

“Spoilsport. Will you be at the Seagull tonight? Don’t make me stage an intervention.”

“Yes. Save me a seat.”

Lindsay ended the call and stayed by the window. Hot Stuff took a board from the pile and carefully measured before cutting precise lengths to add to the growing stack at his feet. When muscles rippled across his back, she gripped the curtain a little tighter.

Waves of testosterone poured off his back, only to be carried on the breeze into her house, rousing a latent libido. The fact that her interest in the male species became dormant was no fault but her own. With a business to run, she barely had enough time to visit family, let alone date.
She moved away from the window and the curtain swished back into place. Shaking her head, she berated herself for behaving like a hormone-driven teenager. “You act like you’ve never seen a man before.”

None like him, that’s for sure.

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